Inner Beauty

Namaste, Beauty is everywhere, in nature, in love, in life. But what really is it? It is a very highlighted topic all over social media, presented as a statement on how to be as it is shown to be a set idea on how one should look or behave like. Sometimes a phrase or image … More Inner Beauty

Ups and Downs

Vanakkam, Everyone has ups and downs in their life, you learn from big disappointments, right? That is a great way to grow stronger into an individual and as a person. Not only that, but also how to behave towards friends or family who may be going through the same experience. One moment you will feel … More Ups and Downs


Namaskaram, It’s that time of the year again, the year is nearly over, the end of the road, when people probably are thinking what they’ve achieved in life, goals or habits or even how they wasted 10 months and have 2 months left to make a change to say they’ve achieved something. Motivation is just … More Motivation