Korean Sushi Bowl

How to make the easiest Korean Sushi Bowl EVER. One of the most trending dishes on the internet right now is probably the Korean sushi bowl, which is so nutritious and hella’ easy to make! It is so easy and does not disappoint at all. The best thing about it is that you can devour … More Korean Sushi Bowl


स्वागत हे, I am an Indian girl grown up in Europe, not having that much ‘India’ around me, but I am hella proud to be an Indian, I mean who wouldn’t right? There is so much to be proud of in India, as many say, but behind the beauty of India there is a hidden problem … More Unfair&Lovely

Desi Dress Codes!

നമസ്കാരം! Girls, Girls, Girls! Its mid-June, exams are almost finished, I turned 18 and the sun is out, which means Summer is here and Proms or Leavers are literally  around the corner! For most desi girls, the hardest thing around this time is to find appropriate outfits, am I right? On a good summer day … More Desi Dress Codes!

A True Friend

Vanakkam, One of the greatest gifts in life that many people don’t realise is having a true friend. How many times have you been in a difficult situation when everyone was against your decisions but that one friend who has always stuck around you? Sometimes it can be hard to identify a true friend as … More A True Friend