About me

I’m a 22 y/o Indian girl, when I say Indian I don’t mean the typical Indian girl who always stays at home. I was born in Germany, brought up in the capital city of Austria and settled down in the south of England.  I absolutely love travelling around as  I love embracing other cultures…I am passionate about fulfilling my dreams.

If you’re asking yourself where the name mariiamazi came from, I will enlighten you;) My name is Levitha Mariam Biji Chirathilattu, I know what you’re thinking, yes it is a pretty long name. If you haven’t guessed yet, it came from my second name Mariam. I put thought into my username because I wanted it to be unique.  What made me drive to start a blog? Well I am aspiring to be a broadcast journalist and always loved writing small things. I love receiving motivation and giving some back, so I thought of sharing some with you.

My blog will be filled with Inspirations, Food (because I love food), Motivation, Indian culture, Fashion and Love 🙂


Levitha x