What I wore as an Editorial Associate Intern

Affordable outfits to wear to your dream job.

You won’t believe this but when I chose my career when I was 16, it was extremely important to me that I can wear my own clothes. A career with a uniform was an instant reject from me! Working in an office environment wearing your glam outfits, writing articles was always the dream. Now I am one step closer to that dream after completing my internship as an Editorial Associate.

My Internship consisted of only 2 days coming into the office, which meant I only needed a few outfits. I wanted to make sure that it is affordable and of course a variety of clothes. I did get most of these clothing items from SHEIN and Zara. I know – 2 opposite ends of the fashion industry but it is what worked for me!

If you are here for the link for each outfits, I’ve just made your life so much easier: just click on the image and it will take you straight to the website!


For the first day of my internship, I turned up in a suit set to make a great first impression – and it worked! The full outfit only cost me £41.16, which I paired with a basic square neck white top. Just a heads up – the trousers are not as tailored as you want it to be as it scrunches up at the waist.


For the second outfit, I went for a neutral but chic look which was brown trousers paired with an abstract printed shirt. The shirt was so comfortable and is a soft material. However, if you are getting the trousers, I would recommend sizing up as it is quite tight around the waist. This outfit was £22.12 in total.


You can never go wrong with all black! It is such a sleek outfit, making and you will look like you have your whole life together! The trousers and turtle neck are from Shein, and the blazer is from H&M. Pair it with heels or trainers! I bought the blazer when it was on sale for £7. So the total price of this outfit was £20.87


This outfit has to be my favourite outfit I wore during my internship, I just felt so cute in it! It is a Tweed Pleated Mini Pinafore Dress from Shein, which I would 100% recommend. The quality feels good and really sucks everything you want in. I paired this with the same turtle neck from above and with my Zara Heels. This outfit came up to a total of £66.97. £50 of this amount is the cost of the Zara heeled boots. It is from last season, so I have linked similar boots, the only difference is the material.


Keeping it casual with leather pants, a knitted vest with a white button down shirt paired with white trainers. Click the images to shop. The vest is from H&M, trousers from Miss Selfridges and white button down from Miss Pap.


The classiest out of them all! Of course I had to be bring in the classic Zara trousers! These are by far my favourite trousers, which I have now purchased in almost every colour. Be aware with the sizing at it is different with every colour. So I would recommend trying it on before purchasing if you can! The top is borrowed from my best friend, which is from H&M( it is on sale for £14 right now). The total price of this outfit is £55.48. Pair it with heels to keep it classy.


This outfit is the cheapest one out of them all! The skirt is from Primark and the turtle neck from the outfits above. Get yourself any pair of tights and any boots/heels and you are ready to go.

Hope this gave you some inspiration! If you liked this post, please do share it with your friends and follow my blog 🙂

Happy shopping,

Levitha Mariam x


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