Miss Korea Nottingham: is K-BBQ worth the hype?

Truth on Nottingham local’s favourite Korean barbecue.

Recently I have been watching some Korean drama and I always have an urge to eat what they have, which is mostly KBBQ. It just looks so delicious! So I went to Miss Korea in the heart of Nottingham city and tried some of their dishes. So here it is, my honest review!

I drove with my friend on a Wednesday evening to Miss Korea and found parking quite close from there (5min walk). As we got there we found out it is cash only, but don’t worry, there is a cash machine 1 minute from the restaurant. We finally managed to get some cash out and got seated immediately. Good start. So far.

We ordered our drinks but were told we can’t order our food at the same time and the waitress wants to get the drinks first, which was a little strange. Even-though, there were around 4 members of staff and only around 10-12 other customers there, the waiting time was extremely long. So be prepared to wait a long time.

We started off with Chicken dumplings, which was one of the best dishes we had that night. It had everything you wanted in a dumpling, crispy and yummy! The sauce, which came with it was a cherry on top, so I must say it was a 10/10.

Chicken dumplings

Now at this point is where it all went downhill. We ordered our mains: Spicy Chicken Bulgogi Deobap, which is stir fried chicken with vegetables served with steamed rice and Spicy Galbi Tang, which is mild short beef ribs in broth soup with glass noodles. However, we didn’t get what we ordered. Instead of the chicken bulgogi deobap I got a bibimbap and the soup didn’t have any noodles and barely any beef.

So this is where the service was very unsatisfactory. The waitress didn’t want to admit that she gave us the wrong order and didn’t want to accept that we had ordered something else. She was quite rude, as she did not even try to listen so the issue could be resolved. We showed her that the soup had almost no content and not a single noodle – also in the menu is does not come with rice. We believe the main chef was called and he had a look and immediately replaced it. However we didn’t want to bring up the rice dish as it already had become too awkward.

Onto the bbq now! This was extremely yummy! We ordered marinated pork and I must say, once again this was a 10/10. You get the full experience of cooking your own meat, placing it on the fresh crispy lettuce and devouring it. However, once again the waitress we had was impolite as she did not give us the correct tools to grab the meat with. For sanitary reasons, you need two different tongs, one for the raw meat and one for the cooked meat. The chef picked up on this and brought us new tongs.

So overall, the bill came to £35 including drinks and the food tastes great but the service was a 3/10. It is worth the hype in regards to the experience of cooking your own food, so I would recommend.

Bon Appetite,

Levitha Mariam x


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