Autumn Must Haves 2021

Spice your wardrobe up with these must haves!

Lockdown has lifted, which means face-2-face teaching and working from the office has begun again! You know what this means, it’s time to dress up again- yay!! Some of you may have become out of touch with your wardrobe or just need some fresh clothes so here it is: clothing you just need for this season! It’s all about statement looks and getting out of your comfort zone, or should I say, your tracksuits you’ve been wearing all year long!


One tip I will always give is to have more basic, classy items in your wardrobe, rather than trendy clothing! This is simply because you can mix and match it in so many different ways and never goes out of fashion!


2 words, 1 name: Gossip girl and Blair Waldorf. This is just giving you all those vibes, just like the suit set. You can pair this with literally anything: skirt, jeans, trousers, you name it! Keep it casual but so put together! Such a perfect piece to have to always give off an elegant vibe!


Oh girl, you need one of these. Shirt dresses paired with any kind of boots will have you feeling so confident! This is such a chic girly, cute outfit. You will feel so feminine, unlike body-con dresses you can go out and eat as much as you want to, without feeling compressed! It’s a super relaxed outfit. One of my favourite ways to wear a shirt dress is pair it with a sweater vest.


A classic suit set…this just screams female power, which this season is all about! Yes – this is all your Pinterest board dream to look like a boss. b***h-if you know what I mean! You can wear it for formal events or even casual, totally unto you, but let me tell you, all eyes will be on you so wear it like a boss woman!! This staple can be on the pricey side to get a quality one, but it would last you for years, so I would recommend owning at least one suit set.


Shades of brown and neutrals are just eye candy if you ask me! You can be so subtle yet so fashionable and classy. Cant go wrong with this. Shirts, T-shirts, trousers, jeans – anything brown! Best thing about it is that your whole outfit can be different shades of brown and you will look stunning!!


Okay, lets talk about this amazing staple you definitely should have in your closet! You can literally wear this with anything and just look like you put an effort in and look like an absolute bad b! throw it over a hoodie and you’re good to go!


Not ready just yet to leave your comfort zone? Say no more! You can still look put together for a casual university day by throwing on joggers and a matching sweatshirt – get it as a set! Like I said before, throw a leather blazer on top and maybe a cap swell and voila, you’re ready to go! The best thing about this? It only takes a few seconds to put on!


Now this is a hit or miss – completely up-to the individual. Some hate it, some LOVE IT. That “some” is me, I love it! The secret on these leather pants is that it can lift up any “boring” outfit, just like leather skirts! Black and brown ones are my personal favourite! if you are wearing it for the first time, you might feel like it is sticking to your skin, but that’ll go away so don’t worry. I would definitely not recommend wearing it if it is hot outside, so keep an eye out for it because it will be a pain to take off.


Ive been mentioning this so many times in this blogpost, so of course you need these boots!! I’m just going to insert pictures of it, these will speak for themselves.


self explanatory: these boots just go with anything and make you feel powerful as a woman and just bring your outfit to that next level.

I hope you took some Inspo away from this post or even motivated to dress up and go outside! If you liked this post, please do share it with your friends and follow my blog šŸ™‚


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