Life Update: Travelling & Transferring University


Welcome back to my blog after a long time! It has been one long year since my last blogpost as I took a little break from everything. 2018 has been one of the most life changing years for so far, which has been filled with many spontaneous and unpredictable decisions. Get yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable because this is going to be a long blogpost!

As soon as the clock hit midnight on December the 31st 2017 and the New Year was here, me and my best friend jumped on the first flight to Vienna, my hometown! It was the first time where I traveled with my bestie and I must admit it was an out of the world experience. Showing my best friend where I grew up, where I went to school, meeting my friends in Vienna and eating all the food made me feel so nostalgic and magical! This was such a spontaneous trip because we booked our flight tickets only a week before as the only trip you will regret, is the trip you don’t take!

We even vlogged a couple of days, here is the link:

Lets forward to August 2018. The worst flood in almost a century happened due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season in my Motherland, Kerala and I happened to be there right there and right then. I remember the experience like it just happened a second ago. Being there and seeing how much it has effected children, families and other individuals broke my heart. Imagine going to bed having everything and as soon as you wake up, you’re told to leave everything you have worked for in your life and are left with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing. Imagine being in your room, in your 2floor house and not being able to leave the room, being stuck in your room with no food or water for days. Imagine not being able to call for help. Imagine how many people have lost everything. Imagine loosing your life. All you can do is imagine, but 483 people actually went through this and eventually lost their lives. 

As I was in Kerala till September and my area wasn’t that affected, me and my family decided to help those affected. We went to the camps where people for whom it wasn’t safe to stay in their houses were allocated to. All we could do in this situation was to donate clothes & money, bring them food and spend time with them. It may sound like something very little when you have everything, but you don’t know how much it is worth until you loose it. As we were in the Durithaashwasa Camp, we played games with the children there and buying them sweets. Seeing those children smile in such a tragic situation was such a magical moment, which I will never forget. See for yourself… 

Always give back.

Lets fast forward to now. I am in my second year of University and I attend De Montford University in Leicester.  You may be wondering why I don’t go to the University of Portsmouth anymore. This is because in June 2018 the dean of the Uni called us in for an “Emergency meeting“. My first instincts told me that it might be a meeting about my attendance or something minor that but it was way worse than that. They let us know 2 days before we broke up for summer holidays, that the course Broadcast Journalism is going to be “Post-poned” for a couple of years. Basically cancelling the course in pacha English. Of course this left me to no other choice other than transferring University. I called up DMU and applied through UCAS clearing, which was a very straight forward process. Here I am 165miles away from home living without my parents for the first time. 


Levitha Mariam x


One thought on “Life Update: Travelling & Transferring University

  1. I loved this read! My first time coming across your blog and I’m loving everything about it! This was such an inspiring story ☺️👏🏾


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