Desi Dress Codes!


Girls, Girls, Girls! Its mid-June, exams are almost finished, I turned 18 and the sun is out, which means Summer is here and Proms or Leavers are literally  around the corner! For most desi girls, the hardest thing around this time is to find appropriate outfits, am I right? On a good summer day the thermometer hits about 30 degrees making many lifes even harder. Not only that but prom for highschools and leavers for Colleges is coming up, which means dress hunting if you havent already done so!

Finding the perfect ‘european dress’ is alsmost mission impossible for desi girls with strict parents because you have to find a dress which isn’t ‘exposing’. So no backless dresses, strapless dresses, short dresses, cleavage dresses and definitly not more than 50-80pounds. You know, if you know. I never went to school Prom because I didn’t want to go with this huge checklist to a shop, but I got to go to Switzerland instead which was also an experience! A trend which I have noticed is that many desi girls embrace their culture and wear something Indian which is a) so much easier than finding ‘the dress’ and b) being unique and knowing for 100% that no other girl is going to turn up wearing a smiliar outfit! So thats a win win! For me personally, I prefer wearing a dress for such events because I am a girl who probably wears Indian outfits every week almost because I absolutely Love being desi and I think wearing a dress is abit more special as I don’t get to wear formal cute dresses that often, which is why I have found the perfect dress for Leavers! However, everygirl will slay in their Indian attire!

Newest fashion trends in 2017 have opened a wider range for all girls, including trends which desi girls can’t even dream of before an auntie gives you them eyes. So as you all may know the Mesh style is the most updated trend right now. Mesh tops to mesh leggings are availabe and girl, you just know, you can’t be owning those tops. The auntie next door would probably ask you why you even wearing anything, so girl ya’knoe what to do! You will also know that your parents are strict asf if you can’t wear that cute fashionable shoulder-off shirt the way it is supposed to be worn. Its the 21 century, showing off just your shoulders should not be an issue in my opinion because why even? If you own a pair of edgy ripped jeans you have atleast heard one auntie asking you why do you pay more for jeans with holes or if you fell on the ground. “*sigh*, no auntie I did not.” My parents highly dislike it when I wear ripped jeans and my mom always, ALWAYS thinks that I either make the rips bigger each time or that I rip it myself. Again, *sigh* no, I am not. Like let me please just be fashionable for once, its not like I am exposing much.

Do not even get me started on crop tops. They are basically like saree blouses, right? So why, why do aunties and uncles make such a huge deal about girls wearing them? 80% of all desi aunties expose SO SO much more wearing a saree than a girl wearing a crop top with jeans. The famous excuse they give us is because ‘they are married’.

I am not saying that everyone has these problems and I am not quoting anyone. As much as some people hate desi outfits sometimes, Western Culture get ‘inspired’ by our culture and ‘invent’ clothing items like for example the famous 2 piece dress. HELL NAAAAAA. The 2 piece dress is actually a Lehenga  which was fashionable for us decades ago, so back off and don’t wear that saying you hate Indians because girl look at what you are wearing.

Last but not least, eventhough not every Western trend is for you, you can always go back to your roots and slay. While other cultures look pretty in their outfits, you and your squad can look like absolute QUEENS.

You look gorgeous either way!


Mariiamazi x



2 thoughts on “Desi Dress Codes!

  1. Dear Levi!

    Hi!! I don’t know if you remember me, but we went to class together at Parhamerplatz. I’m Elli and just wanted to say that it’s amazing to hear from you again. I really enjoy reading your blog posts! Keep them coming 🙂



    1. Hey! Of course I remember you, so good to hear from you again! Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me! We should definitely do something when I come down!


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