Smile back at’em Haters.

स्वागत हे,

Just when life is going perfect and you’re over the moon someone always comes and tries to take away your happiness, right? These people are known as haters or trolls who do unpleasant things to bring you down because they are either jealous of you or what you are doing, want to be you, have a low self-esteem or because they are simply not happy with themselves.

If you are struggling to find happiness maybe you should try to do some ‘random acts of kindness’ which can literally just be to give a compliment to someone or wishing someone a good day. Knowing you made someone feel good about themselves will 100% make you feel amazing. If you are struggling to deal with the hate you are receiving, stop looking for the cause, it is mostly just to make you feel a certain way and don’t let your hater win because for every hater you have, there are at least 50 people loving and appreciating you. Stand straight, look back and smile at’em haters.

Recently, one of my haters tried pulling me down, tried to take my happiness away from me. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know anything about you, but this is for You. Rather than hurting me, you hurt the people I love and care for the most, more than me. you know, I had a university interview that day and I was a complete mess. Not only did you play around with my present but also with my future, so congratulations. But I am still here, smiling.  I am still here, being optimistic because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You helped me to grow into a stronger person and I want to thank you for that. You did something for me which I was planning to do myself, thank you for that as well. Yes, I am low-key calling you a loser but guess what?

I forgive you.


Mariiamazi x


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