New Year | New You | New Me


It has been a week since the first day of 2017 started and here I am. Another year has gone past so quick. While each year passes in front of me, I like to reflect about all my achievements to be grateful of. 3 6 5 days. 3 6 5 sit-ups each time I got up from bed. Many people make new years resolutions to maintain throughout the whole year, and either achieve it or give up after a week or two. But giving up is never an option. Everyday is another chance to try your best, you don’t need a new year to restart, a new day is enough. Write your resolution down, remind yourself your set goal everyday, motivate yourself. No one else but you can do it.

I decided to update my blog and make my resolutions now, a few days after new years because I believe that any day can be a fresh start. So here we go:

  1.  I am going to learn to priorities things and focus on myself, bettering myself.
  2.  I am going  to try to be the best version of myself each day.
  3. I am going  to get my driving license.
  4. I am going to travel at least to one other country this year.
  5. I am going to work out more, stay healthy.
  6. I am going to forgive people who hurt me.
  7. I am going to get into a good University.
  8. I will make my parents proud.
  9. Another one is to try and keep my room clean which I struggle with but, if there is a will, there is a way, like my dad always says.

Don’t forget, you are the one writing the pages in your book 🙂


Mariiamazi x


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