Ups and Downs


Everyone has ups and downs in their life, you learn from big disappointments, right? That is a great way to grow stronger into an individual and as a person. Not only that, but also how to behave towards friends or family who may be going through the same experience.

One moment you will feel above all the stars in the sky, life might just feel like a bowl of cherries, while the next moment you might feel fearful anxious or even lamentable as if something bad is about to happen to you. And that is okay.

I have personally gone through many ups and downs in my short 17 years of life but now thinking back to it, I am glad I did because I have learned a lot from those hard times, gathering experience. ~One of the main things I have learned is not to search for the cause of your bad times because that will just make you think about bad incidents more. So stop it! Rather than asking yourself “Why does this happen?”, “Why do I feel so bad?”, think about how to make yourself feel better, ask yourself “How can I make it different?”

Don’t believe everything what you think, some thoughts might be coming from fearful places which may be damaging. Learn to separate them from the situation because it is as it is. Look for reasons to smile:)

In life NOBODY and NOTHING will help you until you start helping yourself.. Every problem might not have a solution right now, but you can find one if you want to, your life is in no ones but only in your hands.  If you’re holding onto the past, which is causing fearful thoughts, let it go. No matter what you might be going through in your life, its just a phase and it wont last for long. Remember a storm doesn’t last forever;)


Mariiamazi x


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